Projects - Aviation

Rehabilitation of Runway 17R 35L and Taxiway E Ellington Field (EFD), Houston, Texas
Topographic and control survey for Rehabilitation of Runway 17R-3L and Taxiway E. This project required pavement evaluation, fault zone analysis, and rehabilitation design.
Taxiway at the Montgomery County Airport
Topographic Survey of approx. 13 acres for a taxiway extension and rehabilitation.
Airmail Drive at Intercontinental Airport Houston
Construction Staking Services for proposed utility and pavement replacement project.
Runway 9-27 George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas
Provided detailed topographic surveys and mapping for Runway 9-27, Taxiway SA, and all connecting taxiways to the runway, including limits of pavement, pavement markings, lights, manholes, handholes, culverts, drainage structures, and ditches. Additional surveying was provided for lighting and signage along Taxiways SB, SC, SD, SF, and SX, and for service roadway markings around Terminal C and the IAH.

International Services Expansion Program (ISEP) Project, George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas
Design Survey of all roadways and ramps for the International Services Expansion Program. Includes North Terminal Road to serve Terminal D and new Federal Inspection Building (FIS), Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Ramps serving the new FIS building, roadway and parking modification at Terminal B to serve the new Automatic People Mover (APM) Maintenance Facility and roadway modifications along South Terminal Road to serve new Continental Airlines Terminal E.