Storm Sewer at Ruiz and Crawford, City of Houston
Topographic Survey along Ruiz Street from Crawford Street, going west to Buffalo Bayou and along Buffalo Bayou for approx. 300 feet.

Drainage Ditch Rehabilitation along Regg Drive, City of Houston
Topographic Survey from west curb line on Regg Drive to 20 feet past the east top of bank of the Drainage Ditch and from the north ROW line of Knotty Oaks Trail to the north ROW line of West Orem Drive.

Kingwood Drainage Modifications, City of Houston

Topographic survey of drainage ditch for proposed rehabilitation including cross sections, establish control and prepare survey control map and DTM surface model.

Harris County Flood Control District’s Goose Creek Project.

Topographic survey, definition of right-of-way & easements and utility research and location for the Goose Creek Flood Control Project.

Kirby Drive – Storm Sewer from Swift to Dorrington, Houston, Texas

Design Survey and right-of-way mapping along Kirby Drive for Storm Sewer replacement project.

University of St. Thomas Water Line Replacement, City of Houston
Design and utility survey for the University of Saint Thomas Area water line replacement project.
Alabonson Replacement of Water Lines, City of Houston
Design survey for the Alabonson water main replacement project.

Mangum Manor-South Main Replacement of Water Lines, City of Houston
Topographic and design survey for the City of Houston Mangum Manor-South Main water line replacement project
Jim Lee Park Area Water Line Replacement, City of Houston
Design Survey, Utility Surveying services for the Jim Lee Park Area waterline replacement project

Almeda Sims, Kingwood and Northeast WWTP Services Area, City of Houston
Topographic and design survey services for the Sanitary Sewer for Almeda Sims, Kingwood and Northeast WWTP Service Areas;

Woodland Heights Storm Sewer Project, City of Houston
Perform topographic Surveying Services for the City of Houston- Woodland Heights Storm Sewer Project.
Sims Bayou and Bellaire Braes Water Plant Facilities, City of Houston
Provide Topographic Design Survey for 7 acre Sims Bayou and 3 acre Bellaire Braes water plant sites
Sims Bayou North Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement, City of Houston
Topographic Survey of certain plant components to be upgraded and Title Survey for acquisition tract

North Main Street, City of Houston
Prepared design survey, Right-of-Way Maps and Parcel Maps with metes and bounds for property and easement acquisition for major thoroughfare reconstruction project.

Hollister Road Segment 3, Harris County, Texas
Project Horizontal Control, Project Vertical Control, Utility Research and Coordination, Topographic Survey for Proposed Hollister Road, Topographic Survey along the Proposed Channel (East-West Swale), Preparation of Plan View Manuscript, Preparation of Profile View Manuscript, Abstracting, Right of Way Survey, Preparation of ROW Map Exhibit for PER, Preparation of Survey Control Map for Per, Cross Section of HCFCD P149-00-00, Preparation of ROW Maps and Metes and Bounds Descriptions and Monumentation of ROW/Boundary Corners

Cotswold 2000, Houston, Texas
Surveyed +/- 17 miles of roadway in downtown Houston; managed multiple survey companies for the Downtown District; prepared survey scope of services to meet design team requirements; established control; performed extensive utility research for tunnel/basement system; prepared detailed topographic survey, prepared plan & profile with existing utilities for the design team to prepare street renovation and landscaping plans, prepared street parking layout for design of proposed utility for major downtown area renovation.
Cotswold – LaBranch Street Survey Plan Update, Houston, Texas
Update LaBranch Street Topographic survey for the Houston Downtown Management District proposed redevelopment project.

Hollister Street Segment 3, Harris County, Texas
Preparation of Right-of-Way Maps, Metes and Bounds Description and Monumentation of Right-of Way/Boundary Corners, prepare design survey, staked boundary corners, and project control

Kilgore Road and Bob Smith Road
Design Survey and Right of Way maps for roadway reconstruction project

Brittany Bay Boulevard – Extension Project
Provide Survey Services for Preliminary Alignment, Environmental Studies and Right-of-Way mapping. The project was approx. 5 miles in length from Hobbs Road on the East to the city limits line of the City of League City on the West.
IH-10W Katy Freeway ROW Monumentation
TSC Surveying oversaw 11 individual surveying firms who are performing Control and ROW Mapping along IH10W. TSC is a consultant to Parsons Brinkerhoff and together we form the GEC. TSC has implemented new file naming, directory path and CAD Standards using some of TxDOT’s previous standards TSC is responsible for verifying all control points, control mapping, ROW ties, monument structures, and ROW Mapping.

FM Highway 270 Harris/Galveston Counties – TxDOT Houston District
TSC Surveying established and set Aerial Survey Control and established and the existing Right-of-Way for approximately 2.5 miles of FM 270 in advance of a highway improvement project.

IH-10 at Elysian Street Underpass
Obtain bridge data on the Elysian Street Bridge, provide detailed planimetric drawing along the main route, under the bridge and obtain cross section information of the intersecting side streets.

METRO Southeast Rail Corridor (Texas Ave. @ U.S. Hwy 59 to Griggs Road @ Palm Center Station – approx. 8 miles) Houston, Texas
This work was performed in conjunction with the utility relocation contract to minimize outages during the utility relocation contract. Utilities researched and located included pipelines, domestic gas, overhead and underground power, telephone and cable systems along with domestic water mains and services, sanitary sewer mains, laterals and service lines and storm sewers. Research and subsurface utility locating services of quality levels A thru D depending upon location, utility and requested information. This project required more that 1,100 test hole locations (vacuum excavation) over the approximately 8 mile long corridor.

Scott Street to Orem Houston, Texas
Perform abstracting to verify existing ROW, Survey and stake all proposed ROW, Tie the soil boring locations, Tie coordinate geometry to TSARP coordinates, provide topographic survey, survey control index sheet and horizontal/vertical control sheet and locate utilities and pipelines along the route.

SH 3 from BW 8 to Clear Creek, Harris County - TxDOT – Houston District
Establish Vertical & Horizontal Control for SH 3 from Beltway 8 to Clear Creek in advance of aerial surveys.
SH 3 from BW 8 to Clear Creek, Harris County - TxDOT Houston District
Generation of the DTM & Planimetric Graphic Files for SH 3 from Beltway 8 to Clear Creek

IH610/US 290 Interchange Reconstruction Houston, Texas - TxDOT Houston District
Prepare plans, specifications and estimates for the segment IH610/US290 interchange consisting of reconstruction of a segment of an urban interchange with collector distributor mainlines, ramps, frontage roads
US 59: SH 6 to SH 99, Fort Bend County – TxDOT Houston District
Verify Vertical Control, Update Planimetric & DTM File as directed by the District Surveyor.
Bayport Mitigation Tract, Port of Houston- Texas
Surveying Services for Approx. 122 Acres located E of Red Bluff Road including boundary, topographic survey including recovery of existing control, wetlands delineation, construction staking for horizontal and vertical control; and as-built survey services.

Wetlands Creation at Westside Mitigation Area
Construction Staking for wetlands creation project

Buffalo Bayou Erosion and Canoe Launch Project
Establish City of Houston Site Monument, Site-Control, Topographic survey of outfall area, Cross Section Buffalo Bayou, detailed survey at Woodway Bridge over Buffalo Bayou, preparation of Survey Control Map.

Lynchburg Park Survey
Detailed topographic survey of approx. 4 acres and adjacent roadways. Preparation of planimetric view, DTM File, Preparation of Survey Control Map
Rehabilitation of Runway 17R 35L and Taxiway E Ellington Field (EFD), Houston, Texas
Topographic and control survey for Rehabilitation of Runway 17R-3L and Taxiway E. This project required pavement evaluation, fault zone analysis, and rehabilitation design.
Taxiway at the Montgomery County Airport
Topographic Survey of approx. 13 acres for a taxiway extension and rehabilitation.
Airmail Drive at Intercontinental Airport Houston
Construction Staking Services for proposed utility and pavement replacement project.
Runway 9-27 George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas
Provided detailed topographic surveys and mapping for Runway 9-27, Taxiway SA, and all connecting taxiways to the runway, including limits of pavement, pavement markings, lights, manholes, handholes, culverts, drainage structures, and ditches. Additional surveying was provided for lighting and signage along Taxiways SB, SC, SD, SF, and SX, and for service roadway markings around Terminal C and the IAH.

International Services Expansion Program (ISEP) Project, George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, Texas
Design Survey of all roadways and ramps for the International Services Expansion Program. Includes North Terminal Road to serve Terminal D and new Federal Inspection Building (FIS), Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Ramps serving the new FIS building, roadway and parking modification at Terminal B to serve the new Automatic People Mover (APM) Maintenance Facility and roadway modifications along South Terminal Road to serve new Continental Airlines Terminal E.
Land Title Survey for 34-Acre at Jacinto Port- Port of Houston Authority.
Land Title Survey for 34 acre parcel at Jacinto Port

Metro East End Corridor ROW Staking for Utility Relocation
Construction Staking for utility relocation project related to Metro Light Rail East end Corridor
George R. Brown Convention Center Hotel – Houston, Texas
On-call construction surveying for construction staking and right–of-way delineation.
George R. Brown Convention Center, Soil Settlement Monitoring – Houston, Texas
Placement and monitoring services for the leveling monitoring stations placed for the Convention Center project.
Sugar Land Conference Center and Parking Garage
Construction Staking for Conference Center and Parking Garage - Locate and stakeout test piles and reaction piles/Locate and stakeout control lines, column lines and benchmarks & prepare site logistics plan.
Construction Staking for the pavement of Lexington Square, Section 1
Construction Staking for the pavement of Lexington Square, Section 1 development.
On-call construction services – West Area Engineering Office TxDOT-El Paso,
On-call construction staking services for roadway and bridge projects in the El Paso District, as requested by chief inspector.
Stratton Ridge Salt Domes, Deformation/Settlement Survey, Freeport, TX
Preparation of Deformation/Settlement Survey to monitor the base ground elevations during construction of the Stratton Ridge Salt Domes.
Lynchburg Park – Baytown, Texas
Performed a site topographic survey covering approx. 4 acres and right-of-way survey of adjacent roadways. Prepared Planimetric View, site DTM and Survey Control Map for use in the site design.
Prairie View A&M Nursing Building - PVAMU College of Nursing
Land Title Survey for Transfer of property for Nursing Building
Topographic Survey of a 5 acre tract near Highstar Drive and Hillcroft
Topographic Survey on a 50' grid, all improvements and establish adjacent right-of-way for development on 5 acre parcel.
Topographic & Boundary Survey of Herman Garage & Prairie View Hospital
TSC provided Land Title Survey on 3 tracts of land and design survey for the parcels and along Fannin Street and Main Street. This included a 50' grid, located all improvements, utility research and 1 foot contours.
Prairie View A&M/ Hermann Hospital Plat
Preparation of Final Plat and Recordation services for hospital tract
Gellhorn Drive: IH 610 to US 90
Right-of-Way Survey, Topographic design survey, Utility Research, Prepared AutoCAD Plan & Profile Strip Map and GEOPACK DTM.
University of Houston’s Robertson Stadium Renovations
Performed design surveying services, including topographic surveys of the parking lots, roadways and utilities. Provided construction phase staking services.
U of H Athletic/Alumni Facility (University of Houston)
Performed site surveying services for the design of the Athletic/Alumni facility. Also performed construction phase services.
University of Houston Student Life Building
Comprehensive Site surveying services for the design of the Student Life Building.
HITC (Houston Intercontinental Trade Center)
Detailed topographic and boundary survey for the development of approximately 350 acres of predominantly warehouse office to support the future East cargo area of Bush Intercontinental Airport-Houston along with an entertainment corridor for hotels, restaurants and strip shopping centers.