Houston Community College – Central Campus

Location: HCC-Central Campus, 1300 Holman, Houston, TX 77004 Description: College / University Facility Type of Survey: Boundary Survey Scope of Work: Performed a Category 1A, Condition II Land Title Survey for the Houston Community College of a 20 acre tract bounded by San Jacinto, Holman, La Branch, and Alabama. This survey involved abstracting all of the properties and the easements involved including the right-of-ways of the aforementioned streets. Field work included recovering and setting suitable horizontal and vertical control, locate and reference a City of Houston Survey Monument, setting of temporary benchmarks in the area, identify and locate utilities and their respective markings, and topographic surveying of the area, 200 feet outside of the subject 20 acre tract. Besides the research performed on the properties and easements, o ce tasks included utility research, boundary analysis, drafting of the nal survey map in AutoCAD, and QA/QC procedures of the data. Project Key Personnel: Dan Coyer, R.P.L.S. Reference Information: Houston Community College Consultants: Aecom